ricardo thomas – Guest Contributor
Jun 23 2020

Medical marijuana has gained a lot of acceptance in recent times. The chase is not over, however. Researchers and scientists are finding new benefits of marijuana every other day. One of the reasons why there have been a lot of discoveries lately is because medical researchers in the past have not been able to research about medical marijuana on humans until just recently.

According to researchers, marijuana shows a lot of benefits as far as healing trauma is concerned. According to experts, cannabis works with both physical and mental aspects of trauma.

Mental and Physical Trauma Marijuana

Usually, people think that trauma is a mental issue. Well, to some extent, yes. However, different trauma forms will have some physical components, as well.For instance, think about a situation where one is facing some traumatic brain injuries due to one or several blows on the head. Such physical damages can bring about cognitive and emotional issues.

In most cases, physical injury and pain can trigger mental or emotional trauma, and certain disorders like depression and PTSD.

Even though the causes of trauma will differ from one individual to the next, researchers have found marijuana to be effective in treating both physical and mental trauma.

Importance of Cannabis in Traumatic Brain Injury

Medical researchers have found a lot of benefits of marijuana on trauma. According to reports, THC has specific neuro-protective protective properties that reduce inflammation on the damaged part of the brain.

As if that is not enough, researchers have further found marijuana to be able to treat some long-term cognitive and emotional effects of traumatic brain injury.In the most recent research, cannabis is showing some positive links in reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease that affect the brain.

Depression and PTSD

The most controversial work when it comes to medical marijuana involves PTSD patients. The importance of cannabis is being discovered as far as depression, and PTSD treatment is concerned.

Medical marijuana has proven to sooth the worst symptoms without having nasty side effects like many traditional pharmaceutical drugs. Cannabis will do much more than just relaxing the mental disorders brought about by trauma.

Marijuana will work best in healing parts of the brain where most neuro-processing functions have been damaged. Instead of just relieving the symptoms, marijuana will actually be an active healing agent.

The acceptance of medical marijuana continues to grow daily. Therefore, doctors and scientists are likely going to discover additional benefits of medical marijuana. It is essential for many that these benefits of cannabis include not just a few infections and diseases.

As we speak, some research shows that medical marijuana is capable of lowering the cost of healthcare in specific populations. The study showcases the power of cannabis in treating and healing trauma patients.For now, the need for medical marijuana is more essential than