2022 is the Year of the Mini Skirt: Are You Into It?

Coco Bassey 6/30 12:00A Dani Fines
Let's talk one of this year's hottest trends: the return of the mini skirt! What do you think about it? Mini skirts are having a major fashion moment right now, but they're just as versatile as any other piece. Nordstrom has a huge selection of...

3 Ways to Wear White Jeans This Summer

Coco Bassey 6/21 10:00P Coco
As summer rolls in, say hello to one of the best essentials to have in your wardrobe: white jeans! When I was doing my spring / summer closet clean out recently, I found myself pulling all of my white jeans to the front of my closet — I m so...

A Valentino Summer Escape with Olivela

Coco Bassey 6/15 8:00P Coco
Just wrapped up the dreamiest summer getaway in Nantucket with Valentino and Olivela! To celebrate the release of Maison Valentino s ESCAPE 2022 collection at Olivela s Nantucket store, we spent this past week exploring the island in pieces from...

What’s in my Dior Book Tote?

Coco Bassey 6/8 11:00P Dani Fines
Travel is back on the books, and here s what I pack in one of my favorite travel accessories: my Dior book tote. When it comes to packing the bag that s closest to you while you re traveling, there are a few indisputable must-haves. Hydrating...

Your Guide to the Art of Summer Tailoring

Coco Bassey 5/28 8:00A Dani Fines
Warmer weather is finally rolling in and it's time to adjust some of our closet staple pieces. You guys know that I love a tailored look, and there's an endless array of chic options, including matching sets, on I'm changing out...

Affordable Springtime Fashion Favorites Under $100

Coco Bassey 5/23 12:00A Dani Fines
Psst you don t have to break the bank to keep up with this year s spring trends! The weather is on the upswing in NYC, and I m so excited to spend more time outdoors and traveling this spring and summer and you know that I m always gonna do it in...

You’ll Want to Bookmark This for Your Next Vacation

Coco Bassey 5/3 10:30P Coco
Just got back from a long weekend getaway to Mexico, and I m so excited to tell you all about it! La Casa de la Playa was so kind to host my sister and me for three nights, and it was the perfect escape from New York City s not-so-warm weather!...

The Unexpected Summer Shoe on Every Fashion Girl’s Wishlist

Coco Bassey 5/1 9:00P Coco
Yes dad sandals. They ve been around for quite a few seasons now, but who would ve thought they d become the coveted hot ticket to summer style? These chunky, androgynous sandals are back for the summer and prove once again that comfort is always...

5 Office Tote Bags to Get You Back to Work in Style

Coco Bassey 4/26 6:00P Coco
It s time to start saying hello to the office again — whether you re there full-time or part-time this Spring! I know that not everything is super pumped about the idea of daily commutes, with your coworkers right over your shoulder — but I for...

10 Sustainable Picks to Invest in for Your Wardrobe

Coco Bassey 4/22 9:11P Dani Fines
sponsored by Nordstrom and Shopstyle Collective. Did you know that over 70% of the world s clothing ends up in landfills? Fashion has a significant impact on our environment from start to finish; Production, use, and disposal methods all affect...

The Fashion Girl’s Guide to Looking Chic in Oversized Clothes

Coco Bassey 4/22 7:18A Coco
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur...

The Fashion Girl’s Guide to Looking Chic in Oversized Clothes

Coco Bassey 4/21 9:00P Coco
Let s chat about easy, breezy Spring style in the form of that chic, slouchy look! Growing up, the idea of wearing anything oversized was COMPLETELY out of the question for me. Looking good in clothes meant they had to be form-fitting, and I...

Rainy Day Fashion Essentials for April Showers

Coco Bassey 4/19 10:00P Coco
It s springtime in New York City, and as we fluctuate between warm and cooler days — it s time to get your rainwear in check! The old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers and since we do love flowers, we will welcome the rainy season...

The Top 5 Viral Festival Fashion Trends, According to Tiktok

Coco Bassey 4/11 10:00P Dani Fines
Festival season is here! What does festival fashion look like, post-pandemic? Unfortunately I m not heading to Coachella this year, but there are tons of other music festivals coming down the pipeline this year that I m so excited for! Regardless...

The Latest “It” Bag of the Season Will Have You Seeing Double

Coco Bassey 4/10 10:00P Coco
Seeing double? The new Versace La Medusa mini bag is finally here, and I m so excited to share the campaign shoot I did with my sister Kaye! You guys might have already seen the La Medusa Mini bag campaign shot by Gigi Hadid, Dua Lipa, Cardi B +...
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