MFW SS24 : Everything I Wore to the Shows

Coco Bassey 10/3 1:53A Dani Fines
September is flying by here s a lineup of my Milan Fashion Week looks! Ciao! Milan Fashion Week this year was so amazing. I had a jam-packed few days full of shows and presentations, and I loved them all. After seeing previews of what s to come...

5 Ways to Try This Season’s Biggest Fashion Trend

Coco Bassey 9/30 8:00P Coco
Move over barbiecore pink, red is this season s it color! Last season, we saw a common thread on the runways fashion houses have brought red to the forefront of their collections. We are tapering off hot pinks and sequins and entering the realm...

The Transitional Piece You Need in Your Wardrobe this Fall

Coco Bassey 9/28 6:17A Dani Fines
this post is sponsored by Collective Voice and Nordstrom Confused by the weather? That makes two of us With warm days and cooler nights ahead, my favorite and most functional wardrobe piece is getting a lot of my attention: knit dresses. I have a...

Everything I Wore for NYFW SS24

Coco Bassey 9/13 9:40P Dani Fines
And just like that it s a wrap on NYFW! Here s a look back on SS24 street style. There s never a lack of things to do and see in NYC, but the notch gets turned up even higher during fashion week. Cocktail parties, presentations, and of course,...

Valentino Rockstud23: Everything You Need to Know About It

Coco Bassey 8/27 5:00P Coco
I mean it s Valentino Rockstud23! When you hear about anything related to the Valentino fashion house, I m sure you probably think of two things: the absolutely-everywhere PP Pink colors that s ruled the runway for seasons and the iconic rockstud...

If You’re a Luxury Fashion Lover, Here’s Where to Start

Coco Bassey 8/23 4:57A Dani Fines
Ready for that investment purchase? Here some of my favorite designer fashion retailers to shop luxury from. There are so many questions to ask yourself before making a fabulous investment in a designer purchase — no matter how big or small. Is it...

Why You Need a T-Shirt With a Twist in Your Wardrobe

Coco Bassey 8/20 2:02P Dani Fines
Want an easy upgrade to your daily look? Here s proof you need a t-shirt with a twist. It s easy to get carried away when we re looking to refresh our look, but you don t need a whole new wardrobe to achieve the upgrade you re craving. Try giving...

The Summer of Pink : Your Style Guide to All Things Pink

Coco Bassey 8/10 3:03A Dani Fines
Thanks to the recent release of the Barbie movie, this summer, all of your favorite fashion girls are thinking pink! Barbiecore mayhem is upon us, and no matter how big or small of a fan you are, it's hard not to be influenced in one way or another...

Sneaker Doodle Co. wants to bridge gap for customers

Fashion - The Atlanta Voice 7/21 4:00A Isaiah Singleton
Welcome to the world of a brand new Black-owned family business, Sneaker Doodle Co. founder Elizabeth Akinbode said Sneaker Doodle is an interactive retailer and surrounded by creativity and fun....

What’s In My Cart: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023

Coco Bassey 7/11 6:16A Dani Fines
One of the year s most anticipated sales is upon us here s what s in my cart for this year s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! This year my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale cart is full of re-stocks of some of my favorite beauty products and pairs of jeans. It...
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